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  • rithika

    Does Perfect Fabric Even Exist?

    Wondering what fabric your outfit should be on different occasions?

    Know those times you wear a nylon outfit to a long event, and you practically die on the inside, in more ways than one, because you just can’t stop sweating? A pair of shorts can save you for a few hours, but not throughout the entire ceremony.

  • rithika

    Wedding Bells
    ‘Tis the wedding season!

    And we’ve all kinds of Indian wear you can adorn, so you can look gracefully out of this world!

  • rithika

    The best layered looks for monsoon

    Step up the game this monsoon with a stunning vibe of layering and perfection. Here are the top picks by Rithika to give you a head turning under-the-umbrella act.

  • rithika

    4 tricks to have the Best Holi Outfit this Year

    While deciding on your Holi outfit (which anyhow will be soaked in colour later), you are probably ironing your best fit white dress, or swiping some credit cards to buy those.