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Does Perfect Fabric Even Exist?

Wondering what fabric your outfit should be on different occasions?

Know those times you wear a nylon outfit to a long event, and you practically die on the inside, in more ways than one, because you just can’t stop sweating? A pair of shorts can save you for a few hours, but not throughout the entire ceremony.

So here are different fabrics apt for different settings!


We’re pretty sure this is everyone’s go-to fabric; it sure is ours. Nothing can match the comfort in a cotton dress. Sure, if you’re going to a wedding, and plan on adorning a gown, or a lehenga, it might not look great unless you’re wearing a solid colour, with a bit of embroidery here and there. But if it’s a casual outing in the day, cotton can be a lifesaver in all that heat!

P.S. – We can ignore the wrinkles from a good wash.


Polyester is not really a friend of ours, is it? Definitely not in summers! Might work during the rains, but only because of how quickly it dries. A polyester outfit is perfect for everyday wear, as long as it’s not too hot. But if it’s a celebration of some sort of a ceremony you’ve to attend, unless it’s short-lived, it’s not your best choice.


There’s probably nothing as beautiful as satin; the blend of colours, and the soft texture of it, we love it all! It’s definitely one of the most royal fabrics. We surely love all the compliments showered upon, and it’s not really a very difficult fabric to wear, is it? Wouldn’t really be great in the heat, but we can make do.


Made from the cocoon of the larvae of the Mulberry Silkworms, silk is the most lustrous fabric. Nothing can probably ever match the royalty and the grandeur of silk. But silk invites sweat and sweat patches! Oh, yes, we’re wondering as well as to why do the most beautiful looking dresses have to make us sweat!


Linen is as good as cotton; Super-absorbent, fast-drying, comfortable, and easy to wear. It’s perfect for everyday wear and for any season at all. Also, with all of these really simplistic yet classy outfits being in fashion, you can wear it to the longest of events!

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