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4 tricks to have the Best Holi Outfit this Year

While deciding on your Holi outfit (which anyhow will be soaked in colour later), you are probably ironing your best fit white dress, or swiping some credit cards to buy those.

But wait, what if there was a way to have an outfit that’s Holi apt and yet a little fun to wear!

1.Play with your dupatta

Your white dress is doing for you what it does best, but taking a multi coloured dupatta will only add some seasonic flavour to your whole Holi look. Go for geometric patterned designs or just bold printed. Keep a multicoloured dupatta and embrace the colours all day long and not just when a relative splashes them on you. A coloured leheriya, or an elegant bandni might just do it for you.

2. Accessories

Make a statement with bangles and slide that set which raises the fun quotient of your look. How? Let your bangles be colourful. Give that sun a shady look with your favourite colour of shades. Take risk with blue, metallic, or multi-colour shades. Don’t forget to choose your shades shape according your face type.

3.Get some coloured shoes

White shoes on a white dress? Only if you could imagine! But team your white full length dress with a totally different coloured shoes like red or pink, so all the colour goes away from your outfit after you wash, but not from your shoes (unless low quality is what you have)!

4. Don’t forget your hair

Add some colour to your hair in the form of some colourful hair-ties. If this is something that excites you, also consider donning the colourful sets of beads and clips (depends on what your hair like) to raise the perky quotient of your look.

Try all or some of these, but make sure to wear your smile and 100% energy to own the Holi party this year..

In the meantime, how about sharing this blog with your bestie to help her out with her Holi outfit!


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