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The best layered looks for monsoon

Step up the game this monsoon with a stunning vibe of layering and perfection. Here are the top picks by Rithika to give you a head turning under-the-umbrella act.

1. Give walking-by-the-rain an all new meaning when you pair this bright number with your lovely attitude

2. Satisfying the 2-colour rule – use this special, almost monochromatic garment to let your love for purple pour harder than the rain.

3. In for some subtle magic? Create a bewitching charm with this on-the-go contrasting outfit and spell perfection with those accessories you’ve always wanted to don.

4. This floral Anarkali is not just a favourite with our customers but also loved by fashionistas who love to stay ahead of the trends! And your matching jacket that goes with it leaves you with only one extra accessory to add – that is your smile. need is your lovely smile.

5. Let this layered Anarkali wonder rescue your what-to-wear situation on a weekday. Accompany your fearless attitude with this daredevil for good.

“By chance or choice – your mood happens for sure. See all the other beauties for your various moods here.”


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